Four Priorities for Ethical Birding

The Mindful Birding project identifies four areas where birders should be attentive as they observe the natural world (click on the messages for more information):

  1. Mindful of Wildlife. How aware are you of the “bird” in birding? We should always be aware of the needs of birds and minimize disturbance to wildlife.
  2. Mindful of People & Safety. Are your actions causing stress or creating hazards for others? Are you respecting private property. We should always be attentive to the way our actions impact others, strive to keep ourselves and others safe and make sure that the outdoor experience is harmonious for all.
  3. Mindful of Personal Birding Experience. Is your birding experience rewarding? Remember to take your time, plan ahead and be patient. And don’t forget, birding is meant to be fun!
  4. Mindful of Nature Conservation. Birds are special creatures and they require special habitats and healthy ecosystems to survive. Human development has put enormous pressure on bird populations, but there are many things that we can do, from smart waste management and carpooling to staying on designated trails and landscaping with native plants.